Products & Services

HRO Products & Services

We, in Trend Training Network certified by HRObjective International to localize and conduct HRO-based Training Programs in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia, emphasize on:

  • Customized approach (programs are tailor made, 100% relevant to participants);
  • Systematic, long-term training approach;
  • Process oriented, learner centered training method;
  • A large pool of exciting activities with strong learning points;
  • Combining training elements with workshop and action learning techniques;
  • Outstanding trainers including HRO principal trainers;


HRO's HR Framework

Our HRO-based Human Capital Development Programs are framework using HRO HR Framework as illustrated below :

Our proposed TTN’s Human Capital Development

We, in Trend Training Network, is happy to design, localize and customize HRO Programs as well as our own programs to fit as well as pace them in the right effective manner to bring about transformation of your Organization particularly your Human Capital Towards Excellence in Service or/and Delivery or/and Execution and consequently achieving Business Sustainability.

In addition, we also provide an Assessment Facilitation Service for Recruitment and Selection which will help your organization to be Reliable, Objective, Systematic and Accurate ( ROSA ) in your Recruitment and Selection activities